catatan 2_numb

by only one day like we ain't worth the time flustered for no reasons it's all 'bout prestige we could just explained it why but we just didn't do that why did you leave me without saying anything? why do i miss you now? why? —C

catatan 1_to feel real

sometimes, its not that we need some time alone. we instead need a person who comforts, and understands us at those difficult times. when you don't know what to do, when it's only the negativities that show up in your mind, when no one's around, when you can't even cry. you need that one person, … Lanjutkan membaca catatan 1_to feel real

Istilah Fanfiction

GENRE Action: Lebih fokus ke aksi seorang tokoh untuk menghadapi atau melawan sesuatu dalam artian fisik di depannya. Adventure: fict yang menggambarkan kejadian-kajadian yang terjadi dalam sebuah petualangan. Angst: fanfict yang melibatkan tingkat kecemasan tinggi dengan permainan emosional, fisik dan mental. Biasanya berakhir sad ending. Bromance (Brother Romance) : Aliran ini menggambarkan rasa cinta antara … Lanjutkan membaca Istilah Fanfiction